Seed sown – 2000 floods in Mozambique Posted February 3, 2006 by Adrian Nance


Sometimes we do not know when a seed is sown.

For British charity Wings Like Eagles, it was pretty bizarre.

In the year 2000, Adrian Nance was working in Whitehall.  Amongst other things he was the overseer of a lessons identified database.  A pretty unglamorous seed.  As Adrian joined the Whitehall warriors, the latest entries that needed vetting were the lessons for the UK government from their response to the 2000 flood in Mozambique.

That was the seed

Six years later, in February 2006, that seed bore fruit.

Background to the Mozambique floods 2000

Disaster statistics can be difficult to get right, so this 2000 Mozambican floods data comes from Wikipedia, as a tribute to that free source, we take responsibility for any errors and apologise if required

  • 50,000 rescued from rooftop, trees and other isolated areas;
  • 113,000 farming households left with nothing, 20,000 head of cattle missing;
  • A woman, Sofia Pedro – picture of her rescue – who was about to give birth up a flood surrounded tree;
  • 42 health units destroyed;
  • 630 schools closed – 214,000 students and teachers without classrooms;
  • Relief action by governments and aid organisations was slow
  • Please contact us to refine this data

A thought was to recur:

There might be a need to provide helicopters faster to disasters – a seed was sown