Important to them? A helicopter! Posted July 4, 2007 by Adrian Nance


Important – what is important and to whom?

This photo shows the perspective of children in Kenya.  They drew a helicopter in the sand; helicopters are important to them.  Please ask us before you copy this photo; it is a treasure!

The long term solution

The long term solution to humanitarian disasters is complex. It includes un-glamorous things like better building codes and helping people choose safe places to live. It also includes climate studies and making responses quicker.

Strategically, a world wide disaster risk reduction program was started in Yokohama Japan in 1994.  In 2005, one of the more important gaps was preparing for effective disaster response and recovery.  So in 2005 a new framework for action was launched at Hyogo, Japan.  It is valid until 2015.

A substantial reduction in disaster losses in lives and in the social, economic and environmental assets of communities and countries.  That was the aim of the  2005 World Conference on Disaster Reduction.

Wings Like Eagles’ important part

Wings Like Eagles’ emphasis on helicopters is a small part of effective disaster response and recovery.  It is just a small part of improving life for the world’s most vulnerable.  However, it is an important part.

We thank a friend of ours for use of the photo.

If you want to know more add the UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction to your favourites.