Mozambique HQ – our first foreign base Posted January 25, 2008 by Adrian Nance


We needed a Mozambique HQ.

A local HQ helps to build the day-to-day links with the authorities in there.  The links make our disaster response quicker.

A Mozambique HQ – gives a quicker response:

  • by shared assessments with first response organisations.
  • through good relationships with the UN coordinators in country. 
  • by sharing of up-to-date communication, meteorological and aviation information.  
  • through regular access to key parts of the Mozambique government – including aviation regulators, disaster responders.    

Our Mozambique HQ

We are delighted that our first staff member Mark Mitchell has moved to Mozambique.  He, his wife Julia and their family have moved to Maputo.  Mark left Tend International in Johannesburg and has started working for us in Maputo.  The capital of Mozambique has our first country director and our first foreign staff representative.  This is a big and welcome step for us all.

Mark is a disaster relief logistician; experienced with several aid agencies.  We saw him at work during the 2007 floods.

The Mitchells move to Mozambique increases the in-country expertise in disaster response.  Our  Mozambique HQ will shorten our reaction times to disasters in that country.