Precautions – a deployment 2010 Posted January 25, 2010 by Adrian Nance


By way of disaster precautions, Adrian Nance went to Mozambique in January 2010.

The climate forecasts for Mozambique were bad for this season.  So the potential for disasters was much higher.  Some thought the El Nino phenomenon might have played a big part.


As a result our CEO, Adrian Nance, deployed forward.  This was so that he could speed disaster response if needed.

Everyone hoped that nothing would happen, including Adrian.  But precautions can yield good things:

  • Visits are helpful when the focus of aid workers is on disasters and a rapid response.
  • Visits also help those on the ground see our commitment.
  • Visits help understand the people factors.  The interactions between summer holidays, government office closed periods and disasters are important.
  • Visits helped follow up the links made when we had our HQ in Mozambique. 

We were so glad we sent him.