An improvement in helicopter response in southern Africa.

The Hope of the Nations helicopter 5H-XSH lands near Johannesburg in South Africa.  It had flown  1700 miles (2700 km) from Kigoma in Tanzania.

The epic flight included stops at the Tanzanian capital Dodoma and at Dar Es Salaam. In Mozambique they stopped at Napula and Vilankulos.  They then entered into South Africa via the spectacular Kruger National Park and flew on to Johannesburg.

Here Wynand Malan and Adrian Nance are helping to get the helicopter stowed in the NAC Hangar.  The transit flight was 18 hours.  They found some amazing weather en route.  And they flew round a major thunderstorm near Nampula Mozambique.

Once a South African company is formed, the helicopter can be imported.  Then it can be inspected and proved safe and airworthy.  Roll on that day!  Then it will improve the helicopter response to disasters across southern Africa.