2018 Annual Report (extract) – tracking malnourished pregnant mothers

This report covers a 12 month year to 31 May 2018. Trustees report the highlights in this executive report, leaving the Main Body to contain the other information.

Achievements and future plans

This year our significant achievement is in accumulating funds for disaster response, and in clarifying our focus. In 2018 Southern Africa was still gripped by the largest famine since the 1980s. Wings responded by sending funds: to track malnourished expectant mothers through the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Mozambique (see their webpage below), investing in the resilience of this highly vulnerable people group.

Once again trustees have been most grateful for the support of our donors and volunteers. Thank you all.

2018 Financial Review

In 2018 which is income was £5559 (2017: £6282); a 12% decline, due largely to a decline in one-off gifts, which were £521 and 9% of the total (2017: £1591 and 28%).

Expenditure decreased to £3,546 (2017: £14,221). Disaster related expenditure was 18% of total expenditure (2017:85%). Other expenditure was £2,546 (2017: £2,221), as the charity paid sums outstanding for governance and personnel. 

The Trustees monitor the company in South Africa which received a loan to build disaster response capability. The company’s 2018 provisional accounts indicate a 23% trading loss (2017: 29% trading profit). This was due to the purchase of a refurbished turbine unit for the engine. So no repayment was possible in 2018.

Wings’ accounting policies remain unchanged from our 2017 report. Wings’ trustees held no funds as custodian trustees. The £1000 earmarked for disaster resilience work was spent in 2018.

Strategic Review

In this year helicopter base disaster response was again not required, for the third year in succession as the major disaster in Southeast Africa remind the drought and subsequent famine and lack of food security. In 2018 the trustees launched a strategic review to ensure that the charities attention rightly focused. This will be reported in the next annual report.