Wings Like Eagles helps to provide life-saving helicopters and air coordination to disasters in southern Africa, starting in Mozambique.

Natural disasters are frequent in this region and, starting in 2007, we have already helped to deliver tons of emergency relief.   Where we work about 500,000 people can be affected by disasters each year.   Wings Like Eagles aims to respond quickly.  That is when most lives can be saved, when the right aid can be delivered to the right places and when press access can help all responding agencies to fund raise.

Helicopter-ShadowThe region we cover

Wings Like Eagles has allies with helicopters based in South Africa.  Our potential area for relief flights is focused on Mozambique but also extends into Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

The people in these countries have very low average incomes and are frequently affected by natural disasters.  There are also many in remote areas.  This means that when disaster strikes it can take weeks for supplies to arrive by road.

So, by using our locally-based helicopter and, where possible, by organising other helicopters, Wings Like Eagles can provide an early response to emergencies and save lives.

Carrying-SuppliesThe many ways we help…

Of course it is satisfying for us when we save a life. This may be achieved by flying a doctor, medical supplies or food into the heart of a stricken community. And we enjoy making direct contact with the people we are helping.  It is a special privilege.

The Purpose and Values of Wings Like Eagles - what we do and why

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Accounts - our finances and history

Wings Like Eagles’ Accounts and Annual Reports are vital to our work.  We summarize them here.  We are committed to transparency.   Our trustees want to

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How is Wings' work regulated?

Wings’ work is possible because of its legal structure. Regulations sound boring. But it’s that which helps to protect your giving. It also helps to

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What about corruption? Can you trust us?

Corruption is a big concern.  We are a British based NGO and so we are particularly responsible for obeying the laws of the United Kingdom. 

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But there are other, less obvious ways in which a helicopter can help. For example, aid experts get an eagle-eye view by flying over the disaster.  This means efficient boat, truck and air rescue plans can be made.  And if a journalist gets quickly to a disaster they can rapidly send the story around the world.  More timely donations to aid organisations may result, and so the people affected can get more help, more quickly.  That is great!

So whilst the Wings Like Eagles team is small, we react quickly.  Your generosity can help us to do that.  If you are thinking about a donation please go to Giving to Wings.  Or look at our News to see more of what we do.