A 2000 mile reconnaissance with Sergio! Posted March 26, 2010 by Adrian Nance


‘Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted.’

In order to make sure Wings could help in disaster response, Adrian Nance needed to see the ground where disasters most frequently occur. So he did a ground reconnaissance with Sergio Ido.

Sergio Ido is a local ally with loads of gifts, including knowledge of aviation and plenty of local language skills.

reconnaissance with Sergio
Sergio helping with disaster response

So, Adrian checked out the flood risks across central and southern Mozambique. 

And with Sergio Ido as translator, he drove 2000 miles (3200 km) over a week. 

In this reconnaissance with Sergio they looked at the river valleys and saw the flight safety issues. 

Also, where possible, they made links to locals. Those links are needed for a rapid disaster response.

Here is the Limpopo river; a great shot that highlights its flat flood plain. Nearly a million people live on it.  So whilst the Zambezi valley has the people most often affected by floods, the Limpopo can produce the greatest numbers affected at one time.

Adrian Nance and Sergio Ido
reconnaissance with Sergio
The Limpopo Flood plain in 2010

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