Our deeper history – Wings’ older annual reports

We have our older records here. You might call it our deeper history.

We only have to keep accounts for seven years in the UK. But to create a track record in Africa, Wings needs to stay committed for a longer time.

The last seven years, or our younger history is here. And the last five years are published by the Charity Commission.

A deeper history - delivering aid
Delivering Aid. A team game. A MAF pilot/ engineer unloads a Mercy Air helicopter, with funding from Wings Like Eagles.

Delve into our deeper history

But under this page is our deeper history. We publish all this so you can have confidence in our track record.

So that you can see what we have done. So that you can donate with confidence.

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2008 – our first year and our first response – Cyclone Favio

2009 – surviving the great recession

2010 – a reconnaissance and our capacity building

2011 – ‘we need a better system’ says Kofi Anan

2012 – major fund raising

We hope all this helps you see that we aren’t a scam charity. Rather we are one that has values that we live. And one that has a history of delivering for the needy. Delivering when they are needy. And we have survived one of the deepest recessions in history.

So, we think you can trust us to help the needy in an appropriate way. You can see that we aren’t just about burning holes in the sky with helicopters. Helicopters are expensive. Wings wants to provide helicopters when they are needed. And when they are not? Then we will find other ways of helping the needy. Like putting in pumps. Or like tracking malnourished expectant mothers. Like increasing food production. Or working through others. We have done all these things since 2007. The reports above show that.

We don’t know what more we can do to help you decide. But if you think of something, why not contact us? We would love to help you. Thanks!

Or just donate now.