Annual Reports and Accounts

Accounts are vital to our work.  Wings Like Eagles’ Accounts and our Annual Reports are summarized here.  We are committed to transparency.   We want you to see the road we have travelled since 2007.    This way you can also see how we work.

Our 2013 annual report and accounts are a great example.  They are our latest.  We accumulate funds as quickly as we can.  Then when disasters occur we respond and it costs us.   In 2013 re -supplied three villages.  Why not look at our video.  Don’t forget we loaned £30,000 to help get the helicopter flying for disasters in South Africa.   This year we proved again that this was charitable expenditure.  We continue to thank you for your interest and support.

Wings Like Eagles is a company limited by guarantee (number 6051395).  Companies House is the government regulator for companies. Our accounts and reports are on the Companies House website. Then type in ‘Wings Like Eagles’ but the information often requires a fee.

Wings Like Eagles is also registered charity (number 1121518).  The Charity Commission is our government regulator for charities.  So our accounts and reports are also available on the Charity Commission website.  Type in Wings Like Eagles in the search box in the bottom left.

In order to prove our bona fides we have always submitted our reports and accounts for external scrutiny.

In several years of Wings’ life our income was lower than the threshold for the regulators to post our Accounts. So we summarize them here.  We hope that is helpful.

Please contact us if you need more accounts information.  We would be delighted to help.  If you have seen enough and want to give to us please follow this link.  Thank you.

Annual Reports and Accounts

2012 Annual Report (extract)

During the 2012 Annual Report period, Wings Like Eagles, through the generosity of several donors, raised the funds to leverage into action a helicopter acquired

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2011 Annual Report (extract)

The 2011 Annual Report highlighted that Wings Like Eagles was created in response to a need and a calling.  The needs of impoverished people are

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2010 Annual Report (extract)

In the 2010 Annual Report the Trustees restated their vision that Wings Like Eagles will become a full resourced, internationally recognised not for profit organisation

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2009 Annual Report (extract)

The 2009 Annual Report period has been testing, with costs escalating due to the decline in the value of the pound and income reducing, mainly

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2013 Report and Accounts (extract)

Our 2013 report summarizes our work up to June 2013. 2013 Report – disaster response We belong to some key UN committees.   In January 2013,

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2008 Annual Report (extract)

The 2008 Annual Report covered the 18 months from Wings’ company foundation on 12 January 2007 to the end of the first year on 30

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