Want to Complain – Our Procedure

You can complain if you’re not happy:

  • With how you have been treated; or
  • That we have handled your money as you told us;
  • With what we do…

You can also ask for any extra support when we contact you. For example you might want a larger font size in our emails.

How to complain to us….

You can make a complaint in different ways – depending on what it’s about.

If you’re disappointed in this website…

Maybe you’re worried about how we use your money…

Perhaps you feel you have been badly treated…

If you want to give us feedback about Wings Like Eagles, you can contact us and say you want to complain.

On all types of feedback, you can contact to our Chairman by phone, email or using the online form at Contact Us.

Telephone: 02380 270252
Monday to Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm UK time.

If you don’t like using the phone, then why not email: chair.trustees@wingslikeeagles.net

Use our complaint form.

If you don’t want to complain to us….

Then you can contact our Regulators to express your disappointment.

If you want to talk about our performance as a Charity…

Then you can contact the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

Why not find out about how to complain about a charity here?

Or contact the Charity Commission, via

0300 066 9197

If you don’t like our Fundraising…

Contact the Fundraising Regulator to complain if:

  • you don’t like the way you’ve been asked for donations
  • fundraisers have behaved badly to you.

You can also complain on behalf of someone else.

If you don’t like our Advertising…

Contact the Advertising Standards Authority to complain:

  • If you think an advertising campaign is offensive, deceptive or inaccurate, or
  • You don’t like the amount of emails or mail you get from a charity

Often, you can change how often you get emails, phone calls, texts or post from a charity using the Fundraising Preference Service.

If you’re a charity employee or volunteer…

Read how to report serious wrongdoing at a charity you work for.