Giving in your will

What can ‘giving in your will’ achieve?

‘Giving through wills’ is a colossal aid to us.

Such a donation can really help us to build our ability to respond to disasters, in that:

  • It can help us buy another helicopter;
  • It can help us buy a cargo hook, strop and cargo net to allow us to deliver essential aid to sites where a helicopter cannot land;
  • Or it can help us buy the key digital mapping so that we can find recently migrated communities in floods.

What is the most useful way for giving in your will?

For us, the two most useful ways of giving through your will are

  • a Legacy – which is a sum of money, which could be index linked, or
  • a Gift of Residue – which is the part of your estate that is left after paying all other calls on the estate.  The value of this will then go up or down depending on value of your estate and the calls upon it.

Gifts of Specific Assets can also be made through wills.  But you and we may value discussing this first. Please call or email us if you are considering this gift option, or if in any doubt.

The most flexible way for the most gifts to charity to be given is to say they are for the general benefit of the work of the charity.  You may also express your informal wishes on how you would like your gift to be used if you wish.

Please note that in the United Kingdom:

  • Most gifts to charity are inheritance tax free.
  • We strongly advise that you talk to your solicitor or other legal advisor so that the right steps are taken to achieve your intended gift.

Please Contact Us if you want more information. We would be very happy to help.