2016 Annual Report – famine and helicopter troubles

This 2016 report covers an 11 month period as the year-end is adjusted to 31st of May. It is the third that follows the format of SORP 2015.  And this is the highest reporting standard for UK charities.

So trustees report the highlights in this executive report, leaving the main body to contain the other compliance information.

Achievements and future plans

We report as significant achievements in three parts:

A.  Disaster response. In 2016 Africa was gripped by the largest famine since Live Aid in the 1980s, due to a very large El Niño. Helicopters are too expensive to be really useful in distributing food under the circumstances, and the trustees are seized with helping how they can.

B.  Disaster readiness.  Limited funds are declared to disaster readiness in the development of the iPad navigation aid that greatly assists the rapid entry and dissemination of the locations of distressed people by pilots. We are most grateful to helix for the time and programming effort of its staff in this endeavour.

C.  Supporters. Once again trustees have been most encouraged by the continuing support of the donors, volunteers and those who pray for this work. Thank you all .

2016 Financial review

In 2016 Wings’ income was £9176 (2015: £10,770), this 15% reduction (2015: 3%) is because there was no repeat of the bequest in 2015, and this period is 8% shorter as the company adjusts its financial year end, additionally there was a reduction in fundraising as activities as the CEO wrestled wrestled with the start-up in South Africa.  The CEO was under significant stress during the period of this report.

Expenditure declined 29% to £5257 (2015: £7539). Activities charitable activities accounted for 87% of expenditure (2015: 88%).

Once again high expenses on the helicopter in South Africa, recovering from a fire in the engine resulted In the D conflicted trustees agreeing to waive the loan interest repayment from WLE Logistics Limited as they replace the essential items associated with a helicopter having flown 6800 to 7400 total hours, where and maintenance is more expensive.

Wings’ accounting policies remain unchanged from our 2015 report. Wings’ trustees hold no funds as custodian trustees.  £1000 remains earmarked for disaster resilience work.

So what?

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