2013 floods

The Limpopo floods

We don’t want floods!  They wash us out of our homes.  Or they wash away our farmers’ tools.  Maybe they even they ruin crops.  No one wants that! 

The rivers are small in the UK.  But millions of people live on the Limpopo flood plain.  It is great farming land.   In 2013 it burst its banks.  This was caused by heavy rains in South Africa.  Wings Like Eagles responded.  A helicopter with a ground coordinator.

Different floods – different answers

floods - and their effect
Bursting the banks

In 2007 and 2008, the Zambezi flooded. Heavy rains in western Zambia were funneled into the river. The flow was 12,000 litres per second! That is huge! They measured it, at the Cahora Bassa Dam. The water cascaded downstream. It inundated the farms by the river. It affected 285,000 people.

Our response? We sent a helicopter and a ground coordinator. It was our first response. It was when we refined how we do things.

In 2019, Cyclone IDAI pelted already wet ground with intense rain. It was the end of the rainy season. The resulting lake was 100km north south. And it was 60 km east to west. A huge lake! It went as far as the eye could see! 1.8 million people affected. We responded. We helped to fund a Mercy Air helicopter and we sent an air group coordinator.

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2019 floods after IDAI
Where did the people go? If you look they are on the road!

What sort of air operations are needed?

Floods are testing for everyone. They test the most the people who to flee their homes. First you have to find them! That’s why survey flights are so important.

Then you need to save lives. We fly individuals out of trees. We fly people off roofs. Or we fly medical staffs in to check on health. If needed we fly people out. Fly them to hospital for treatment. But it’s more effective to get medical staff in. They can check whether cholera or typhoid are looming.

Afterwards, we need to keep them alive. Once they are out of danger. We deliver to them. Get the right aid to the right people as we say. Food. Or we fly water purification kits in. Maybe they need sanitation kits, or cooking sets. The only way to help.

All the time, we have to keep spare seats for the press. Media operations are a key part of keeping funds flowing. Funds to the UN. Funds to other responders. Like the Red Cross. Why not help us? Donate here.

Floods 2019
Flying the media – serious fundraising

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