Trustees and Advisory Board

Wings Like Eagles’ trustees make a strong team

Wings’ Trustees and Advisory Board are groups of talented people, chosen for their skills to benefit the charity.  They have been selected also for their disaster response oversight.  They also have a long-term strategic vision and a strong faith. 

The Advisory Board is there to help steer the charity’s Board. 


  • Adrian Nance OBE (Chairman and CEO).( He is a former Captain of HMS ARK ROYAL).
  • John Guest. (He was a former CEO and a commercial lawyer). (Sadly for many John went to be with his Saviour in October 2020 after a short illness).
  • Keith Whale. (He is a former CEO, a marketing expert, and the leader of our Navigation project).

So Wings Like Eagles has a skilled and diverse team of non-executive advisors as well.  And this was essential in the early days as we settled into humanitarian action.  We are so grateful for their insights.

Trustees in British Law

In England and Wales, the Trustees of a charity are the people who are trusted to oversee the running of the charity.  And in particular, they are responsible for putting the funds to use for the aims of the charity.  Also they are responsible for the policies of the charity on employment, financial reserves and so much more.  If you want more details have a look at the Charity Commission website advice.

And we are the people for you to complain to as well.  If you have a complaint against the CEO, we think it’s especially important.

Advisory Board

  • Baroness Cox of Queensberry.  (She is our Patron).
  • General Tim Cross CBE. ( He is a former Senior Logistics Officer British Army).
  • Ian Dighe. (He is the former Deputy Chairman of Bridgewell).
  • Dr Sam Dunnet. (She was formerly of Save the Children Mozambique, and a Portuguese language speaker).
  • Sir Peter Woodhead. (He is a former helicopter pilot. And he is a  former Prisons Ombusman and is now Chairman BMT).

So the Trustees and Advisory Board are a key part in the history and are investors in the future of the charity.