How is Wings’ work regulated?

Wings’ work is possible because of its legal structure. Regulations sound boring. But it’s that which helps to protect your giving. It also helps to make sure that we are properly checked upon.

What is our legal structure? Well, Wings Like Eagles is a charitable company.

So, Wings Like Eagles works as a charity. We are number 1121518 registered in England and Wales.  The Charity Commission is the government’s regulator for charities.  Our annual reports and accounts are open to view on the Charity Commission website.  If you follow the link, then type in “Wings Like Eagles” in the search box in the bottom left, and you can see our official history. There you will find a lot of detail on our performance. We hope it helps you to donate to us.

Also, Wings Like Eagles is a company. It is limited by guarantee and is number 6051395.  Companies House is the government regulator for companies. Our annual reports and accounts are also on the Companies House website. Follow the link. Then type in ‘Wings Like Eagles’. But their information often requires a fee. You can get a copy of our annual reports there, a copy independent of us, just in case you doubt our extracts which we publish here.

Being a charitable company requires us to be both a charity and a company. This protects us, as we fund helicopters to provide disaster response. Wings’ work also includes increasing the resilience of people in dangerous, disaster prone regions. Occasionally we also fund disaster recovery, helping people get back on their feet. Our recent annual reports and accounts are here. If you want to know more, why not contact us?

Being a charitable company also means we have to work hard to ensure that we use your money correctly. For Wings Like Eagles, this includes having an external examination of our accounts. Legally we don’t have to do this. But we do. Yes, every year we let qualified accountants go through how we use your money. In detail. This makes sure we are not abusing the trust you put in us.

If you want to know more, why not contact us? We hope this helps you feel more able to donate. Why not do so now, here?