Regular donations

Regular donations help us anticipate disasters and let us respond quicker.  Sums given regularly help us to plan in advance how best to target your aid.   Thank you for considering them.

To make regular donations please download our giving form:


then fill it out.  Please sign it and send it to us at Wings Like Eagles, 7 Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3DA.  We are sorry, but on-line forms cannot be used at banks.  Don’t forget Gift Aid really helps us too.

If you are a UK tax payer, if you complete the Gift Aid form the government will add 25% to your regular donations to Wings Like Eagles.  Download our gift aid declaration form.

If you only wanted to make a single gift or a single donation then please press here.

Anticipation – a key benefit of regular giving

The key issue in many recent reports on improving disaster response is anticipation –  see our summaries of the Special Report on Extreme Events  (SREX) and the UK’s Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR).  Both reports talk about the need to anticipate disasters, one says that the numbers of extreme events is on the increase and so anticipation is becoming more and more important.  See the full HERR report.

So your regular donations really do help us solve a documented problem in rapid disaster response.  The UN and the British Government both say they want this problem fixed.  Thank you.

The long term solution to humanitarian disasters is complex.  It includes un-glamorous things like  building codes and where people choose to live. It includes climate studies and and making responses quicker.  

Wings Like Eagles emphasis on rapid response helicopters is just a small part of the picture of improving life for the world’s most vulnerable.  However, it is an important part.  For an indication of how people view helicopters have a look at this…….

helo in the sand

They get it!  Please help us to help them by making regular donations.  Thank you.