Annual Reports & Accounts – the last 7 years

Annual Reports can show you part of the road we have travelled since 2007.    This way you can also see how we work! Even better, you can see the people we have helped. And what we have done with the funds! Legally we only have to keep records for the last seven years. If you want older reports, then look at our deeper history here.

Short examples of annual reports

In 2019 we responded to the 1.8 million people affected by Cyclone IDAI. We were one of the first on the ground. Working with Mercy Air South Africa again, we coordinated the whole air group for the Mozambican government’s disaster response department and the UN. Over 400 lives were saved by the group, with the invaluable help of Rescue South Africa, and over 400,000 people were kept alive until the waters subsided.

Our 2018 annual report and accounts are a great example.  They are our latest. In 2018, we targeted malnourished pregnant women, seeking to help them via MAF through its Mozambican operation Ambassador Aviation. We accumulate funds as quickly as we can.  Then we can respond rapidly when disasters occur.

But in 2017, we provided our first regional response. We provided funds to Salt Malawi to feed people from 4×4 vehicles, a delivery for food that is so much cheaper than helicopters! We also assisted the drought afflicted people of the Zambezi delta by providing water pumps via Mercy Air and YWAM Marromeu. Also a cyclone (ENAWO) hit Madagascar late in the season and we helped fund HoverAid to respond there. Why not contact us about this regional work.

In 2016, no-one asked for our assistance.

In 2014 and 2015 we produced crops for the Southern African famine. we flew 62 hours crop spraying one year, delivering 130 tonnes to fertilize over 4300 hectares and produce 2,600 tonnes of extra food.

2013 saw us re -supply villages from Xia-Xia in southern Mozambique after major flooding on the Limpopo.  Why not look at our video

In 2012, we grew the disaster response capability of southern Africa. We loaned £30,000 to help get a helicopter flying for disasters in South Africa.

We continue to thank you for your interest and support. Why not donate now?

How are we organised?

Wings Like Eagles is a company limited by guarantee (number 6051395).  Companies House is the government regulator for companies. Our accounts and reports are on the Companies House website. Then type in ‘Wings Like Eagles’ but the information often requires a fee.

Wings Like Eagles is also registered charity (number 1121518).  The Charity Commission is our government regulator for charities.  Our accounts and reports are also available on the Charity Commission website.  Type in Wings Like Eagles in the search box in the bottom left.

We have always submitted our accounts for external checking. It proves our good intentions.

In several years of Wings’ life our income was lower than the threshold for the regulators to post our Accounts. So we summarize them here.  We hope that is helpful.

Please contact us if you need more accounts information.  We would be delighted to help.  If you have seen enough and want to give to us please follow this link.  Thank you.

Annual Reports and Accounts