What about corruption? Can you trust us?

Corruption is a big concern.  We are a British based NGO and so we are particularly responsible for obeying the laws of the United Kingdom.  There have been recent examples of corruption in aid organisations.  This is sad for them and for us.  We long to help.

Corruption – what we can’t do

Wings Like Eagles doesn’t aim to provide aid as:

  • A leverage for personal favours, or
  • To support political factions, or
  • To institutionalise vulnerabilities.

Cargo flights deliver food aid not to bribe 

No! These are corrupt practices.

We are a needs-based organisation.  So we aim to provide aid as a free gift to the needy.  Have a look at our purpose and values.  They aren’t boring! They describe what we do.

As we are a British NGO.  So, we publish our legal framework.  We do that so that people don’t ask us to do things that we can’t.

Please contact us if anything like this happens under our supervision in your sight.

Corruption and the UK’s 2010 Bribery Act

The Act specifies 3 criminal offences which can be committed by organisations or individuals:

  • 1. Paying or offering a bribe;
  • 2. Accepting or requesting a bribe; and
  • 3. Bribing a foreign public official.

Those who we deploy, or what Wings does can’t cross these lines.

Also, there is a fourth offence.  This can only be committed by an organisation:

  • 4. Failing to prevent bribery by persons associated with the organisation.

It is not banned to receive normal hospitality.  It must be reasonable and proportionate.  Wings is reviewing its policies to ensure that they fully comply with the Act.

This affects what we can receive from or give to you in the future.

It is against the law to use corruption or bribery.  In every nation in the world!

It is no defence in UK law to say that “it is customary”.  This isn’t about our our reaction to a culture.  The Act says that its standards must be applied.

Anti-corruption handbook