Type of disaster

The type of disaster we face depends on where we focus. We have no choice. It’s just what comes along! So where we focus is very important.

Why we focus in Southern Africa

The reason Wings Like Eagles has focused in this region is because of the percentages of the population affected by disasters.

To us, it’s not the absolute number of affected that has the biggest effect on the development of a country. It’s the percentage of the population affected. The higher the percentage, the less people there are, outside the disaster, who can support the needy, or help the country whilst it recovers.

In the West, insurance companies support the state, the businesses and the people in recovering from floods and storms. In Southern Africa, some companies have such insurance. But most people do not. So Wings Like Eagles has focused on the percentage affected.

The 1.8 million affected by Cyclone IDAI are 5.9% of the entire population of Mozambique. In the USA, the equivalent would be nearly 20 million (2020 figures). Meanwhile in Europe in 2019, that percentage of the populations of the EU would be 26 million people. While in the UK, that percentage is 3.9 million people. If those numbers happened in the West, we would not hear the end of it! Why not donate to help these vulnerable peoples!

Types of disaster in Southern Africa

Since founding in 2007, Wings Like Eagles has focused on Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Madagascar. We hope the explanation above shows why. Why not Contact Us to find out more? These are poor countries.

We have learned much about the type of disaster we face in those countries. The theory of disaster types is one thing. Our experience over 12 years shows that several types predominate, why not follow the links and see:

The theory arguably shows that the Great Rift Valley should give an occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes. As Southern Africa industrialises, the risks of industrial disasters also increase. So why not follow the link and look at that.

But regardless of the type of disaster….

Helicopters have a broad utility. Their utility is in all these types of disaster.

A famine needs someone to survey and locate the needy. Before they die. Helicopters can make those surveys fast and pin point accurate.

In floods or after cyclones, the helicopter has even more obvious uses. In life saving: They can find the really needy people. They can pull people from trees, or off roofs when they are surrounded by water. Or in getting the right aid to the right people. They can deliver the right cargoes to the right place. Or helicopters can give access to all, including to the media, who allow the immediate needs to reach the world’s attention.

Why not have a look at what we do in disaster response operations?

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