2009 Annual Report (extract) – surviving the great recession

The 2009 Annual Report period has been testing.  Costs were escalating due to the decline in the value of the pound.  And income was reducing, mainly because a match funding donor withdrew for reasons external to Wings Like Eagles.  The impact on Wings Like Eagles was greatest in September and October 2008, when we regrettably had to withdraw our funding of a full time disaster logistician in Mozambique.

In the UK, Trustees implemented an austerity budget. Overheads were cut. Also we accessed needed skills through volunteers and the recruiting charity ‘Reach’.  A new trustee was appointed to help handle Financial Accounting pro bono.  Trustees were delighted.  The volunteers engaged with Human Resource, Fundraising, Marketing and Business Planning.  And so they enabled us to build much stronger governance.  Delightedly, their strategies have already started to bear fruit.  Despite these measures, the need to write off £2,000 of bad debt has sadly forced us to end the year with a deficit of £829.  We have already recouped this in added giving.

So what did we achieve in 2009?

In addition, the Trustees decided that Wings Like Eagles should provide a leased helicopter.  We wanted to support NGO and governmental contingency plans for the 2010 disaster season. The period was likely to be worsened by the El Nino phenomenon.  Thus we are providing a rapid life saving helicopter cover for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. And so we are saving lives. And we are helping to deliver the right aid to the right people and providing access in line with the Red Cross Code of Conduct.

Despite a very tough year we are thrilled so many people have helped us. We keep our focus on helping people in need in highly demanding times.

For the full 2009 Annual Report please go to the Charity Commission or contact us.  We would be delighted to help.

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