2010 Annual Report (extract) – a reconnaissance and our capacity building

In the 2010 Annual Report the Trustees restated their vision that Wings Like Eagles. They seek that it will become a full resourced, internationally recognised not-for-profit organisation.  They want it to operate at least two helicopters full time. And for it to be capable of delivering aid to needy communities in South East Africa.  

Our values are still safety, commitment, integrity, flexibility and efficiency.

We still focus on Mozambique.  Even though there was no disaster this year despite gloomy predictions about El Nino.  There were major disasters in Haiti, Chile and China.  And it was sad to note that the helicopter response to all three big disasters seemed slow.

So what of 2010? 

Our CEO had deployed forward in Jan-Feb 2010, to be ready to respond (in Mozambique). Instead he refocused and has built a much faster access to a broad range of helicopter capabilities so we can much better tailor our support of the rapid response NGOs.

To respond properly we need to have good warning.  Our Mozambican supporters are key to this work.  This year we focused in central Mozambique – where many disasters occur.  We are greatly strengthening our knowledge of people on the ground.  And we have great contacts especially between Beira, Chimoio, Tete and Quelimane.  We drove about 3000 miles around this beautiful country – paid for by one of our sponsors.  Our Mozambican friends include

  • Sergio Ido.  He features in our video.
  • Also Francisco Namahauta.  He is called to the peoples of the Zambezi valley. 
  • And Nelson Pfumo is another gifted Mozambican with a heart for his country.  

Our work is not about helping Africa.  We are about trying to help Africans help themselves.  And compassionate and hardworking Africans too.  Thank you for your continued support.

For the full 2010 Annual Report go to the Charity Commission or contact us.

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