Purpose and Values


Wings Like Eagles purposes to operate helicopters to save, sustain and develop lives in Africa.


Countries that stand on their own and people with self-respect and independence.


Safety, commitment, integrity, flexibility and efficiency.

We follow the Red Cross Code of Conduct.

Concept of Operations

Wings Like Eagles is a charity.  It works through strategic partners to shorten the reaction time to disasters, initially in Southeast Africa.  The charity has a purpose in raising money in advance.  It allows them to make a more rapid response to disasters.

Where necessary, and where the goals fit with our charitable objects, the charity makes strategic investments.  These have the purpose of building disaster response capacity.  Then high utility helicopters can:

  • be strategically located to anticipate and respond rapidly to disasters.
  • operate commercially out of disaster season to maintain flying skills and cover its operating costs .
  • be able to use their revenues to invest in people and create disaster resilience.
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Strategic Performance Standards

  • Safety is our prime purpose and concern.
  • We save lives by investing charity funds in safe aviation operations.  We purpose to produce a uniquely rapid response (in Africa initially). This means delivering medical staff close to vulnerable people and evacuating people if needed.
  • We sustain lives by helping deliver ‘the right aid to the right people at the right time’. We  purpose to providing rapid access to disaster assessors and to the press, and to fly cargoes to provide needed relief by helicopter.
  • We develop lives by employing and training people in disaster response and risk reduction.
  • We control a trading company through shared membership that owns and will operate a helicopter.  We purpose to minimise the operational risks to the charity and deliver a 10% return on capital to the charity’s work.

See what we have done at our News page or if you are thinking of supporting us, have a look at the extracts from our Annual Reports or check us out at the Charity Commission website, so you can see what we could do with your support.  Thank you.