Starting 2021 – what are we thinking? Posted January 16, 2021 by Adrian Nance


How do we all deal with starting 2021, the New Year under these COVID circumstances?

Well, we aren’t sure all this media focus on ourselves is always health. UK media seems obsessed with it all. Wings Like Eagles was created to do stuff abroad, so perhaps you’ll forgive us for thinking differently. We’re doing a bit like we did in 2020.

But this time there has been a tropical storm hit Beira in Mozambique already – just around Christmas. So….

Who doesn’t get a lot from their network?

a. We’ve been starting 2021 by checking our network to see the impact. That post dates back to 2010, but the idea is just the same. People on the ground, who can keep us in touch with what is really happening there.

Starting 2021
Networks: A Brit and a Mozambican married to a Zambian shake hands!

For example, our friend, who lives on the beach there writes: “we lost part of our front fence, damage to the house gate, and lost the roofs of two buildings at the farm. We lost a lot of our crop, but we are well.”

We think it helps to take our minds of ourselves sometimes… If you want to get involved, why not contact us?

We hope for the best, but plan for the worst

b. We’re also starting 2021 by planning for disaster response. IN COVID it’s a bit different, but the idea is the same. Watching the UN reports and getting concerned about the security situation in the very north of Mozambique.

Trustees have met and considered the challenges and funds available. We are glad that Cyclones like KENNETH don’t happen in those latitudes very often at all. So we don’t have to go there are put our volunteers’ lives at risk. So we plan to avoid the South African strain of COVID 19, by routing to Mozambique via Kenya.

If you want to support us in our planning, why not give something?