Your giving to Wings Like Eagles helps disaster affected people in Southern Africa.  And you can give to us from all around the world.

A single donation is a great way for you to help us respond to disasters.  You help to sustain our responses to a disaster. They allow us to keep people alive.

Or you can make regular donations.  These gifts are our life blood. They allow us to plan ahead. They allow us to commit to a response even before it happens. Then we can exploit the forecasts and be very quick. Being quick saves lives. So your regular giving directly helps us to save lives.

If you want to make a gift through your will (for example as a legacy) please contact us

Thank you!

What will your giving achieve?

Your giving can save lives

Sofia Pedro - tree birth - Mozambique flood 2000

A life-saving donation

In 2005, a doctor on a prompt flight to a disaster zone prevented an outbreak of measles.  This saved lives in the whole community.  Your giving can help. Our stretcher equipped helicopter can evacuate someone to expert help.  Or we can take in a doctor into a disaster.  That is the most efficient way.  Then they can see many people quickly.  Your donation can help us do this.  Why not make one now.

Your giving multiplies the effectiveness of aid

Who benefits from your giving? We do!

Your giving to Wings Like Eagles allows us to fly in experts.  Experts from the world’s governments, major charities and relief organizations. They need an eagle eye view of the seriousness of the disaster area.  Flights for disaster assessors help millions of dollars in aid to be sent to the best places. Flights for World Bank experts can focus money on the most needy.  We want to get the right aid to the right people.  Regular giving is really helpful.

So why is this so important?

Early information from a well timed flight is priceless.  It helps make or adjust relief plans.  also good data helps ensure that large-scale aid goes where it can really count.  Good positional data also helps us target the most needy.   And…..

A big challenge is coming

The world has a big challenge coming:

“The humanitarian impact of climate change is likely to be among the biggest humanitarian challenges in years and decades to come.”

Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary-General.

Be part of the solution

Your giving to Wings Like Eagles lets us respond to the disaster afflicted. Thank you so much!

Any questions please contact us?