2008 – Pilot training for disaster response! Posted December 12, 2008 by Adrian Nance


Pilot training is a routine activity, but it costs.  Thanks to the generosity of Helicharter we now have a freshly re-qualified pilot ready for disaster response if we are called upon.

Free pilot training

Helicopters are important to the needy.

Belgian, Wim van der Burg-Zeethoven has had free training from our big donor, Ken Wills at Helicharter.  A kind donor made a helicopter available and paid for the training pilot and for Wim’s accommodation too.

pilot training
Pilot training – our ally Wim

Wim was at Manston during November and December of 2008.  He made his first flight on 27 November. Then he passed his in-flight check on 12 December.  So he got a great Christmas present – free training!

Wim can now fly the Jet Ranger (our preferred helicopter) . And he was also checked out on the Augusta Westland 109.  He has an aptitude for twin-engined helicopters too.  This is great! We get more flexibility in aid response.  

Thank you

We send a big thank you to Helicharter. And we send a bigger one to Ken Wills for suggesting the idea.  Good luck Wim!

Our ally in pilot training
Ken Wills of Heli-Charter

An update

By July 2013, Wim had accumulated 2000 flying hours. He was also an experienced Helicopter Ambulance pilot.  And he was a key part of our network. That’s because he helped us to grow a helicopter air ambulance capability for disasters in Southern Africa.  

We hope he may be sponsored by his employers to help our disaster response in Africa. That’s if we need him!