Zambia and Mercy Flyers Posted September 8, 2009 by Adrian Nance


Zambia – a new country for us.

We thank Craig and Rae Oranmore-Brown who have become our link into Zambia and are part of our network to help us respond to disasters there.

We did deep research into where disasters occur.  Zambia is one of the countries where they do.

Zambia and Mercy Flyers

Craig and Rae are both South African doctors and they run an aviation based medical charity – check out their great work at Mercy Flyers.  She is the surgeon and he is the consultant anaesthetist for the operations they conduct.  Craig is also the pilot of a light aircraft that belongs to Flying Mission.  Flying Mission provides them with aviation services.

Craig and Rae are based in Lusaka the capital of  Zambia.  The Mercy Flyers website has a great video.  The video helps explain the how they provide operations at hospitals in the bush.  These hospitals are often a long distance from a good road.

Their surgical outreach programmes use the help of qualified doctors and nurses from abroad.  Mercy Flyers moves them by air to remote parts of Zambia.  Sometimes they see around 60 people per day on a 3-5 day outreach period.

Craig and Rae and Adrian

Craig, Rae and Adrian Nance met in a corner of Heathrow Airport as they passed on flights into or out of Africa.  This has resulted in a steady link between the two organisations.

Check out the latest news from Mercy Flyers at News.  Best wishes guys and girls!

Zambia and Wings Like Eagles

Our pilot, Andrew Shipton has flown a Squirrel helicopter in western Zambia.  Various types of disasters occur in the country, not least flooding of the Zambezi in the west.   The supply of aviation fuel is not easy in those areas and so we need local advisors to ensure that, not only can we get there, but we can  also get back.

We have not been called to respond to a disaster in Zambia yet (2013).