2008 – Press coverage! See the article! Posted March 28, 2009 by Adrian Nance


Our first feature in the Press.

Press coverage!  Our first reconnaissance to Mozambique.

In January 2008, Clive Langmead picked up Adrian Nance at Maputo the capital of Mozambique.  Then they set off north in an R-44 – a Robinson Raven 2.  Have a look at the 2008 video that they made.

They stopped at Inhambane, Vilankulos, Beira and Caia on their epic trip.  They got many bits of news that did not make the press:

  • The helicopter used AVGAS as fuel not Jet A1.  So they had to hunt for good fuel.
  • They carried 8 extra cans of fuel (80 litres). So the aircraft was a lot heavier than they wished.
  • Somehow the wind was always against them! So as they were heavy, they were sometimes overtaken by vehicles speeding on the highway.
  • Progress was so slow that they asked MAF Mozambique to complete the journey for them.
  • They flew fixed wing with Dave LePoidevin. Going up to Pemba in Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique.
  • They made many great contacts, including meeting the regional disaster response coordinator for Oxfam at Caia airfield (see the video).
  • The security at the airports was good.
  • Some of the accommodation was sharing, with rats, mosquitoes and lizards.
  • Adrian got malaria as a result – occupational hazard!  Thanks to Casa Koinonia for looking after him.

Clive and Adrian quickly learned the disadvantages of a piston helicopter in Mozambique.  This helped them choose to concentrate on turbine helicopters.

Clive’s local press made a splash about it.

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