Volunteers have a day out – donated Posted March 6, 2010 by Adrian Nance


Volunteers flown to a lunch in Wiltshire.

Why did we do it?  First this was a part of Clive Langmead’s flying to keep himself current as a pilot.  So we just paid for the fuel!  Thank you Clive.

A day out…

We are so grateful to all our volunteers for their unpaid help in keeping the whole show moving.  Their quality advice and their thoughtful support have really helped the work.  Well done to you all!  

We wanted to say thank you.

Part of Clive Langmead's currency check
Our volunteers’ day out – a big thank you!

The R-44 Raven 2 helicopter only seats 4.  The pilot is one.  So we needed cars to move everyone.  So some only  flew to lunch or back from it.  None-the-less, they have now all flown in a helicopter.

You may say “so what?”

Understanding helicopters

Understanding is so important for our volunteers.  Helicopters have unique capabilities.  But we do not want to over sell what they can do in disasters.

  • Helicopters are very expensive.  So when any alternative access route opens up, helicopters can quickly become superfluous.
  • Helicopters use lots more fuel than a fixed wing aircraft.  So more fuel has to be provided down logistical routes.  Such routes can be very fragile after disasters.

Now our they understand more of our context.  So they can give better advice.

Thank you Clive!  Now many of our volunteers have flown in a helicopter!   We have said thank you, and they can  give even wiser advice.

A win all round.

What about you?

You can get involved too… We find lots of people who want to make a difference but don’t believe that they are significant enough to be able to. Wings Like Eagles doesn’t believe that.

Why not contact us if you want to volunteer?

Or why not become a donor so our volunteers can help more people affected by disasters?

Thanks so much!