Network to build – thank God, no disaster! Posted January 25, 2010 by Adrian Nance


Well there was no disaster.  But Adrian Nance continued to build Wings’ network in Mozambique.

So how do you network in Mozambique?

Well you network by saying Ola! (hallo!) to the response staff colleagues at the major NGOs.  Visitors are always difficult if you are busy.  We thank them all for their time – Obrigado!

It is sad the recession is slowing us down.  But this preparatory effort is not wasted!

This time the networking involved a long drive from Maputo to Beira.

The main road north is long and some of it can be dangerous.  On this trip there were major road works in the south between Xai-Xai and Inhambane.  The good thing about a 4×4 is that you can keep grip.  The road works reminded them of need for helicopters in disaster relief.   The first night was at a stop on the coast at Inhassoro.  750 km done in one day.

Then they drove north again, all day and into the night.  Not advisable on the unlit roads.  Sometimes people sleep on the road!  Anyway they made it to Maforga Mission before breakfast for a quick kip.  Another 400 km done.  Then they enjoyed the amazing hospitality of Roy and Trish Perkins.  Then they drove to Chico’s home.  They both met key aviation people near Mozambique’s second city.  Then Adrian flew back from Beira to Maputo.

Beira is a key hub for the transport system in Mozambique.  It has a great deep water port on the Pungue river.  It has a good road system and its international airfield is a frequent base for aid operations.  The Pungue valley is also prone to flooding.  The main lateral road runs through Chimoio to the boarder with Zimbabwe.

Chico – part of our network

Here Adrian shakes hands with Chico Nahamauta before their drive of 1100 km drive to Beira.   Chico and his family is based there.  Chico works with communities in the Zambezi basin.