Precautions – a deployment 2010 Posted January 25, 2010 by Adrian Nance


Precautions help make responses faster and better. That’s why Adrian Nance went to Mozambique in January 2010. To get ready.

The climate forecasts were bad. So the risk of disasters was much higher. Some thought the El Nino might play a part.


As a result our CEO, Adrian Nance, deployed forward.  This was so that he could speed disaster response if needed.

Adrian in Mozambique

Everyone hoped that nothing would happen, including Adrian.  But precautions can yield good things:

  • You can meet people when aid workers are thinking about disasters.
  • People on the ground can also see our commitment.
  • Visits help understand the people factors.  
  • Some of the interactions are in the summer holidays. We can show commitment when offices are closed.
  • Visits helped to follow up the links when we had an HQ in Maputo.  

The trustees were so glad they sent him. Adrian learned so much. And some key people could see him.

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