Princess Anne on disaster logistics Posted April 28, 2011 by Adrian Nance


Princess Anne
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They got the right speaker!

In April 2011, Princess Anne spoke to a Conference. She does that all the time, so what’s so special? Well, she said:

“One of the key problems is getting the right aid to the right people at the right time”.

Princess Anne
Humanitarian Logistics Summit 2011
A well informed speaker

She was addressing three audiences in a public meeting:

at a Humanitarian Logistics Summit in London.

What does she know about it?

Well, Princess Anne has been the chair of Save the Children, which is one of the world’s big charities. And she has travelled the world for them. She also has had a long standing engagement with disaster response and development.

So she knows what she is talking about.

Preaching to the choir?

We totally agree. But was she just telling a lot of logistics people what they wanted to hear?

No. One of the big problems with disaster response is access. And getting the right stuff – water, food, shelter, sanitation, tools and seed – to the right people is key.

It’s no good delivering pork products to Muslims, or beef products to Hindus. Or baby food to adults. The right stuff is important.

So too is getting it to the right people. Wings Like Eagles believes in providing access for all. That’s one of the things helicopters can do. That’s why we’re using them.

Preaching to the choir? All our experience since 2007 when Wings started agrees with what she said in 2011.

So what?

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