HERR- The Humanitarian Emergency Response Review Posted March 28, 2011 by Adrian Nance


On 28 March 2011 the UK Government published the Review chaired by Lord Ashdown.  It is sometimes called HERR, and it was very helpful to us.

Do we want to be ready to rescue pregnant ladies from trees?

Wings Like Eagles finds it particularly interesting. especially when we check it against what other people are saying or have said.

Two big issues from HERR

a. The HER Review’s experts predict that the numbers affected by disasters could climb from 263 million in 2010 to 375 million in 2013 (that’s over 40%).

This agrees completely with what UN experts have said “Climate change is perhaps the greatest global outcome of environmental inequity since it is driven by the emissions that have brought benefits to affluent individuals and societies[,] yet most of the burdens fall on poorer individuals and societies, with developing countries and their poorest citizens being the most vulnerable”.

b. The HERR experts say that we need a more anticipatory approach and we need to create resilience.

The UK Department for International Development called for ‘a better system to make helicopters …. more rapidly available after disasters’.

So what?

Well, all this reassures our Trustees because that is exactly what we are trying to do.

We are trying to anticipate. We aim to build build capacity in advance where it will be needed. And we seek to be prepared for more disasters not less.  We are keeping at it!

What do you think of what the HERR experts say?

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