Our first affiliated helicopter! Posted May 27, 2011 by Adrian Nance


Our first affiliated helicopter was signed over today in Dar Es Salaam.

Harold Knepper of Hope of the Nations Tanzania met Adrian Nance representing our South African team at a hotel in Tanzania and they did the paperwork.  

Sorry the shot is a bit shaky – it was pretty dark!

Our first affiliated helicopter

Here is this first helicopter 5H-XSH. It is a Bell Jet Ranger, on the Tanzanian Register. Here it is doing ground checks in Dar Es Salaam prior to the long ferry flight to South Africa.

After this she flew through Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. It was an amazing trip.  

We want this first helicopter to be ready. Have it ready for disaster response across Southern Africa.  So we will base it in South Africa. Then we can deploy it as required to countries where there is a need.  

First affiliated helicopter
5H-XSH before her ferry flight

So we will fly it to Johannesburg for importing into South Africa.  There it will have detailed inspections and a change of registration. We will see it reemerge with a different call sign.

MAF Tanzania was a huge help in making all the flying happen.  Check them out!

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