In 2012, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a special report.  It looked at the impact of the changing climate on disasters.  Have a look

Here’s a summary: 

  • Whilst the economic impact of disasters is highest on highly developed countries;
  • 95% of the fatalities from disasters occur in developing countries;
  • In many regions the time between unusually intense rainstorms will decrease;
  • So the report has key words for the future. They are: anticipation. Critical reflection. Knowledge. And learning.

We thank the IPCC for the Special Report. It helps keep us focused on anticipating the effects of Climate Change. We are most worried about the impact on people in developing countries.

Al Gore has a famous video which is worth a watch. He describes it as an inconvenient truth. We don’t dispute that the climate is changing. People are more uncertain about the cause. We aren’t experts but we do see the effects of the climate change on disasters.

Climate change - CO2 levels NASA
Here are some NASA observations on CO2 levels.

The cause may unclear. But the big question is… What should we do?

Wings’ response to Climate Change…

Where we can Wings anticipates. It builds disaster response capacity. Especially by pre-positioning appropriate helicopters. Building capability like this takes time.

But it helps us. Helps us to minimize the impact of disasters. Their impact on very vulnerable people.

Wings continues to fund rapid disaster response. Why not donate now?

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