2017 – Cyclone ENAWO in Madagascar Posted March 7, 2017 by Adrian Nance


In 2017, Cyclone ENAWO hit Madagascar. It is said to be the worst to hit the island since 2004. Click here if you want to see what it looked like.

2017 Cyclone ENAWO predicted track
The predicted track of Cyclone ENAWO – (c)METEO France

We have given some ideas about how Wings looks to respond to cylones.

But our affiliated helicopter doesn’t have pop out floats to allow it to cross the Mozambican channel. So we turned to our allies Hover Aid. They have people on the ground. Knowing the people and the problems is a key. And they were fund raising.

The 2017 cyclone – ENAWO

It is tough to forecast where cyclones will go. Especially in the Indian Ocean.

The damage – with thanks to James Patrick of Hover Aid for the photo

This one looked like it would devastate the whole north of the island. Fortunately for the response that’s where Hover Aid works. Using a different sort of air asset to help the needy. Or as they say: “reach the unreachable.” Hovercraft!

What are the skills of disaster response for us? Saving lives. Getting the right aid in quickly. And providing access for all. Hovercraft can do that too. And we have worked with them before. So we helped them.

And HoverAid distributed tonnes of rice. Emergency food supplies. Building kits. Fishing nets and seeds. Helping the vulnerable get back on their feet.

The search – with thanks to James Patrick of Hover Aid for the photo

And what did they think of us? of you?

Well, this is what they said…. And a special thanks to Wings of Eagles who’s early donation of £5000 allowed us to respond quickly to the emergency.

Early responses are key. To get things started. To help respond in the window of opportunity. What some people call the golden window.

Thank you. Why not donate now, so we can be quick in response again.

Thank you! With thanks to James Patrick of Hover Aid for the photo

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