2017 – Water pumps for thirsty Mozambicans Posted May 14, 2017 by Adrian Nance


Water pumps are really useful in a drought. Let’s see why!

In 2017, we worked with Mercy Air and YWAM to help people in Mozambique. People suffering from drought and famine.  This was the Mozambican part of our first regional disaster response.

So we bought 10 pumps to irrigate the land. To help the crops grow.

You need a hole!

What do water pumps achieve?

So what did we achieve? Wings helped provide water for 3+ years for 10 villages. A total of 102 people. You are right! Its not a big number. But it’s big if you are one of the 102!

And training is provided by YWAM staff. People who know the villages and the people. Follow up training.

Water pumps with enthusiasm!
Mobile pumps so the farmers don’t have to lug the water

Great! Thant’s what you helped us do. Thank you.

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Not all plain sailing

These irrigation pumps have tremendous potential.

= They protect the people against famine

You judge the effect!

= And more water improves their diet.

= And a better diet has long term health and well-being benefits. Great!

But, enthusiasm for these projects has been slow to grow. Leadership in these communities is key to success. These projects – including community cooperation, are a whole new concept to these isolated people.

YWAM Marromeu started this project 3 years ago. And the initial up-take was very positive. They have learned so much. And they keep people on the ground. They give regular follow up and coaching. Wings cant do that.

What an investment! A long term investment. Thank you!

We hope you like what we and they have done!

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