Donations in 2018 – World-wide Report Posted December 31, 2018 by Adrian Nance


The attached donations in 2018 report world wide analyses the trends in giving in the last year. We like to keep our readers and followers up to date with the latest trends in the charity sector. So we publish this.

Donations in 2018 world wide shows increased engagement with faith based work and with community benefit work. There is large and declining interest in international work. It also shows a decline in giving to small charities like us, and a rise in giving to the big charities.

We are a small, community benefit non-profit and we work internationally. So your interest and your donations are really important to us. If you want to see what we have achieved with donations in previous years, why not look at our annual reports.

Better still, don’t forget you can buck the trends in this report and give to us.

And you already are… For us, 2019 has been a sign of your great work in supporting us. And our great work in delivering your donations to the needy in South East Africa. Have a look below. Thank you so much! If you want to find our more, why not contact us?

Loading aid. Flying paid for with your donations in 2018 and 2019! Awesome!

You can see the fruitfulness of our partnerships with Mercy Air and with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Mozambique. The day after Cyclone IDAI hit we were working together to deliver aid to an isolated community right in the delta of the Zambezi.