2019 – Air Coordination – Cyclone Idai Posted March 23, 2019 by Adrian Nance


Air coordination is something we believe in. When disasters get big, the needs are more complex. And the assets to meet those needs require efficient management.

An air coordinator, air coordination
A quick chat to focus our efforts. Joel knows the needs. Adrian knows the intentions.

Wings believes that this task brings massive dividends. Especially when the air group grows. Not so much here… (right) when there are few other assets to worry about. We just need a quick chat to keep everything working properly.

So when do you need air coordination?

However, when the affected population is big, the needs are big. 1.8 million people were impacted by Cyclone Idai. And the air group grew. Each funder of aircraft wants their donors’ requirements met. And the cries of the really needy are loud. The government rightly expects action. And the UN led headquarters can grow to 50-100 people.

The big boys come – UN HAS to the rescue!

Thinking just about the aircraft. There are many different type of light aircraft and helicopters. With drones. And with surveillance kites. Then there’s the weather. And overloaded Air Traffic Controllers. We shouldn’t forget the strategic lift aircraft that have flown a long way. They need to blend with the commercial traffic of the airport. And the tired staff on the apron. And the people driving the fuel bowsers. Then you must add the enthusiasm of the air workers. Wanting their stuff flown out quickly. To hundreds of thousands of people. You also need to add the VIP visitors and the press to the mix. Simple?

Who helps get the right loads to the right aircraft?
Air coordination
And the smaller helicopters come! Paid for by people like you and me.

So someone needs to focus all these efforts. Or at least coordinate them. Coordinate so that a life saving focus is not lost. Coordinate so the right aid flows quickly to the right people. And provide access for all. That’s what Wings believes. Have a look at how we think about this.

And that’s what we did.

So what happened?

The air group grew to 23 light aircraft and helicopters. There were about 10 drones. And someone needed to report what had actually been done at the end of each day.

Air coordination
Wings believes good air coordination saves lives

Wings reckons that the air group saved about 400 lives. And it fed 400,000 people for 4 weeks.

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And what did other people think?

A senior UN official said: Thank you for everything. You have been the backbone and the heart of this operation. It will not be the same without you.

Also the deputy humanitarian coordinator said: A thousand thanks for all that you have done here. Truly amazing work.

And the UN aviation specialist said: I have so much respect for your organization and specially for you because you had the heaviest load in coordinating and keeping a sense of sanity in a madhouse, and you did it successfully. Hope we cross path again my friend

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