Cyclone Kenneth hit just as Mozambique was just about starting to recover from Cyclone IDAI. And Kenneth set new records. Unwelcome records too!

So, what was Cyclone Kenneth?

Cyclone Kenneth
It’s amazing how big cyclones can be! Kenneth near its landfall.

Kenneth was the furthest north a cyclone had ever hit in Mozambique (see right). And Kenneth was the most intense cyclone to hit the country. It completely flattened villages (see below).

Kenneth caused massive devastation. Follow the link to see a press report, with pictures from an aid plane – one you probably helped to fund. The cyclone especially affected the low-lying offshore islands off the north of Mozambique.

And it was complicated! Insurgents. Flattened islands, isolated from the mainland. A national park.

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In our experience Africa gets a lot of blame for corruption and for poor legal protections. That may be true. But it’s the ordinary people who suffer. And the thing that we need to remember is not that they get disasters. It’s that they get disasters frequently. So close together that they interact. So when Kenneth hit exactly 6 weeks after Cyclone IDAI, the government had to respond again. That stretches their resources. And it has big financial effects. That’s what we try to remember. And why we use trusted conduits.

And what was done?

Fixed wing aircraft can respond very quickly. And our long standing ally, Mission Aviation Fellowship was very quick. They used their affiliate in Mozambique, Ambassador Aviation.

Cyclone Kenneth
Ambassador Aviation photos of the aftermath of the cyclone.

And fixed wing assets are really useful in the early days. For survey. For aid through dirt air strips. They are quick and efficient.

The early reports we had were that helicopters weren’t really needed. So, we assisted MAF with funds to help them respond for longer. This is the third time we have helped them. It’s because we know them and trust them. Some of the best photos world wide came from MAF.

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And the MAF disaster response team deployed again. From Idaho. We had worked with their specialists in Beira after Cyclone IDAI (see below).

Surveys allow all the responders to see the real issues.

Delivering aid through dirt strips helps the people recover.

Photos and video help raise awareness and money.

That’s what you helped make happen! Thank you. Don’t forget to donate now so that we have the funds to be quick again! We can’t do it without you!

Two of the MAF team, here responding in IDAI with Mercy Air, but they then responded to Kenneth. Thank you!