Adrian Nance OBE – Chairman and CEO

Adrian Nance is an entrepreneur and an experienced employer of air assets.

Adrian Nance OBE

Adrian Nance OBE

Adrian in the Navy

Adrian spent 33 years in the Royal Navy. His first link to aviation was as a ship’s helicopter marshalling officer in 1978.   In his 5 years as a ship’s bridge watch keeping officer he was responsible for safety, including the launching and recovering of helicopters.  He survived the sinking of HMS SHEFFIELD in the Falklands Conflict in 1982.

Adrian became a warfare officer in 1983.   He specialized in air operations over a period of 6 years.  He oversaw air operations in a high readiness NATO force.  He served twice as the senior British air warfare officer in the high paced Gulf Tanker War between Iran and Iraq.  Training others, he then served on the elite staff of the Flag Officer Sea Training.

When he was promoted to command of the destroyer HMS NOTTINGHAM, Adrian was one of the youngest commanding officers in the Royal Navy.  He then transferred to HMS CARDIFF and was deployed to the Arabian Gulf for the escalating tension before the Gulf War in 1991.  CARDIFF was the closest non-US ship to Kuwait for the first 4 weeks of the Gulf War.  CARDIFF’s helicopter sank 6 ships at long range and in highly demanding circumstances.   As a result, he was awarded the OBE by Her Majesty the Queen.

ARK ROYAL goodbye

ARK ROYAL goodbye 2004

After jobs in the Ministry of Defence and in the USA, Adrian was promoted Captain. and he took command of a squadron of seven new frigates.   After that and one more shore command, he was promoted Commodore.  He  served again the Ministry of Defence.  This time he was one of the UK’s Director of Operations, responsible for tri-service warfare policy.  The command of the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL followed, and then his last naval job was another command. This time of the 1500 staff of the large training school spread across 8 sites, and based in HMS COLLINGWOOD.

Adrian enjoyed his naval career hugely.  He commanded 7 times and served front line in 4 war zones.

Adrian after the Royal Navy

Since retiring aged 51, Adrian has started a consulting company, a charity and two aviation not-for-profit companies, one in South Africa.  Wings Like Eagles is the charity.  It’s purpose is to send helicopters faster to disasters, initially in southern Africa.  This builds on his 35 year experience of aviation.  In 2011, one of the companies was given a helicopter.

Their latest disaster response was in 2013, sustaining 3 villages and helping the government, the World Bank and bridging engineers best target the aid given.  If you are interested in Adrian speaking to interested groups about his work why not look here.  Why not contact us?