A UN input – the problem is getting worse Posted December 15, 2004 by Adrian Nance


The UN input is that climate change is having a impact on natural disasters. This is one of the threats we face says a report to the UN Secretary General.

This is entirely logical. As the global temperature rises the amount of evaporation into the clouds goes up. This means that there is more rain. In Kofi Annan‘s retiring report to the 59th session of the UN General Assembly:

Environmental degradation has enhanced the destructive potential of natural disasters and in some cases hastened their occurrence.

Too many big words, but a valid point. The environment is degrading, and both the impact of natural disasters and their frequency is going up. That’s a UN follow up to the Millennium Summit.

Why is this important to Wings?

Once the seed of disaster response was sown, then we needed confirmations.

Well, to quote the UN report: The dramatic increase in major disasters witnessed in the last 50 years provides worrying evidence.

For Wings Like Eagles, this is confirming evidence. Not just worrying evidence. It confirms that there is a real need. And that need is rising.

Our own research in 2006 shows this too:

Climate change
Wings research 
The UN input
The increasing number of natural disasters over 30 years

So the desire to build a better system for disaster response helicopters looks right. That ability helps deal with the number of disasters.

Is that the only UN input?

But most of us can’t connect with the number of disasters. We connect with people. And the UN input highlights that too… more than two billion people were affected by such disasters in the last decade, and in the same period the economic toll surpassed that of the previous four decades combined.

Kofi Annan, a legacy of peace
UN input
Wings Like Eagles' research
Kofi Annan – UN Secretary General 1997 – 2006

Here’s Wings Like Eagle’s our research:

The UN input
Wings Like Eagles research
The impact on people of over a 100 years of disasters

Let’s not forget that the population has been increasing all that time. And the news media are faster and wider reaching. So we should not be surprised that reported numbers are increasing.

You might like to note the relative numbers of people affected by different world problems.

So, the world wide evidence is that natural disasters are 11 times the problem of major people movements (IDP). And they are 7 times the problem of HIV/AIDS.

Wings Like Eagles responding to worrying evidence

This website is about how we are responding to this evidence. We hope you find it informative.

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