Clive gets a turbine rating Posted September 13, 2009 by Adrian Nance


This turbine helicopter has helped Clive Langmead to help us.  And we have taken another step.

Turbine understanding!

Clive is a long time supporter of Wings Like Eagles.  He also has hundreds of hours of flying experience.  But it is all with piston-engine helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.  So he went to Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria.  Here he did a conversion course onto the Bell 206 Jet Ranger (picture). This turbine helicopter type is one of the common helicopters in Africa.  As a result it has good spares support.  It also has many engineers qualified to service it.  Both of these are essential for disaster relief flying.

Bell Jet Rangers can be used for life saving by flying medical staff in to run clinics. Or they can fly injured people out of danger.  And they can survey disaster zones so that (as we put it) the right aid gets to the right people. Jet Rangers or their slightly bigger brothers (Long Rangers) are frequently seen in disaster response.

So Clive’s turbine understanding of civil helicopters is another step in his utility to Wings’ ability to help people hit by disasters.  He is already a highly experience employer of many types of military turbine helicopter.  He has also been a civil pilot for many years.  He has trained many people in coordinating logistics movements by sea and air.

Clive can now give advice to ground crews and disaster coordinators on using this type of helicopter.  This advice improves safety and frees more experienced pilots to do the life saving, aid delivery and surveys.  Big benefits all round!