Reconnaissance – in Mozambique – 2008 Posted April 19, 2008 by Adrian Nance


Why not check out the video of our flying reconnaissance on You Tube?

If you are interested in the back story, then please read on…

The early steps

You will recall how our interest was sparked by the disaster in Mozambique in 2000.

Then we did lots of research to make sure we were looking in the right part of the world.

Then our CEO visited the region and made contacts. The first year was amazing.

And straight after we had an immediate disaster response. People needed help on the Zambezi river in Mozambique. So we rushed into that. And WE found out that we could do it! We also learned a lot as a new kid on the block.

So Adrian Nance co founded Wings Like Eagles in 2007. That was after a year of preparation. He spent time visiting his contacts in the region. Looking. Listening, Learning.

As a result, he identified a disaster season. The experts knew it already, but we had to find it out for ourselves. And we needed confirmation that you could fly in that season.

Fundraising 2010 2009 Adrian Nance at the Casa Kononia, Maputo Mozambique Reconnaissance
Reconnaissance – Adrian in Mozambique

So we needed to increase our understanding

Reconnaissance is how you find out about things, on the ground.

But it was really important to do more preparation. Especially in preparing our understanding.

  • Could helicopter operations be done in the disaster season?
  • Where were the fuel supplies?
  • Who were the key people?

So we did research and we visited the sites.

The 2008 exploration was by air. We met the airport operators. And we could see the fuel supplies. We could see the security issues. And we could see the weather forecasting at the different bases. We got so much more by taking a helicopter!

Why not check out the video of our flying reconnaissance on You Tube?

Later we drove the country to meet more people. And we gained an even better feel for the ground. You can lift so much more by ground transport. So if helicopters can help open up the roads, then you multiply the disaster response. We really want to do that. Everyone benefits!

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