Fundraising in 2010 Posted October 26, 2010 by Adrian Nance


Adrian beats a Pantomime Horse!

Fundraising in 2010 was a stamina thing!  You believe in something and you need to be able to persevere in it! We believe in Wings and what it is trying to do. So the CEO got his running shoes on and got involved.

And, he did it!  Adrian, our CEO and a founder, ran the Great South Run a third time – not very fast – but he did it! And it is 16 kilometers or 10 miles around Historic Portsmouth (and some less historic bits too).

Fundraising 2010 2009 Adrian Nance at the Casa Kononia, Maputo Mozambique
Adrian in Mozambique

He’s not prepared to go too public on how long it took him. So how long would it take you to run past HMS VICTORY and HMS WARRIOR with 10,000 other people? That may be public knowledge, you may be proud… HE WOULDNT SAY!

But he did hold off the pantomime horse!  Boy, it looks like it hurts!

Fundraising 2010
Adrian beats the pantomime horse

It wasn’t just him….

Adrian’s son and a close friend also raced around the course.

Fundraising in 2010

Amazing. And they raised thousands of pounds for the charity! That was some of our fundraising in 2010. Thank you for supporting them!

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