South African import – it’s done Posted June 24, 2012 by Adrian Nance


Today we paid the taxes for the helicopter to come out of the customs bond and be a South African import. We feel great!

We had never done this before.

South African import
Our lovely helicopter – on the Tanzanian Register

So what’s involved?

Becoming a South African import is a vital step. It must be done before we can get the helicopter onto the South African register.

This step involved a making sure that the helicopter had been exported from Tanzania.

Then the customs officers did an inspection to check we weren’t smuggling anything in.

And their HQ did a full inspection of the records of the purchase by our affiliate company in South Africa.

And she passed them all. We weren’t trying to do anything odd, but isn’t iot great when something goes right when you do it for the first time?

Thank you!

We thank our South African consultants and advisors – Van Zyl Aviation – and National Aircraft Corporation‘s staff (NAC) for all their help in making this happen!

So what next?

Now we can continue to get her flying, So she can be ready for disaster response.

The next step is to have the aircraft made safe and airworthy at South Africa’s Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA).

Why not check out how we did that?