Safe and airworthy! Posted September 10, 2012 by Adrian Nance


Our imported helicopter has passed all its inspections and has been declared safe and airworthy on the South African register.  She is no longer 5H-XSH and is now ZS-HPU!   Another big step!  Fantastic!

safe and airworthy
She’s now a South African registered helicopter

All this required a lot of help – first from Van Zyl Aviation who were our consultants for the helicopter import and also from NAC’s helicopter engineering division at Rand Airport near Johannesburg. NAC at did all the work to get the helicopter safe and airworthy on the South African CAA’s register.

We did not change the livery colours much because it would have cost more than we thought it was worth – being safe was more important!

So how do you do it?

It needs good engineering support – that’s why we picked the National Aircraft Corporation (NAC). They had been looking after the helicopter when she was on the Tanzanian Register. And they had also provided the bonded hangar whilst we cleared customs for the import. So the engineering team knew the helicopter very well. So it was a logical choice.

You need people who know their way around the Civil Aviation Authority. Van Zyl Aviation had helped us with the paperwork for the import and had a base very close to the SA CAA base in Midrand. So again, they were a logical choice. They delivered for us. Why not check them out?