Luviair meets Wings – and we catch an up-draught Posted October 31, 2006 by Adrian Nance


In 2006, Adrian Nance met Nigel Watson the CEO of Luviair and HeliRiviera.

It was another key moment in the life of Wings!

On 31 October 2006 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, they discussed how best to speed helicopters to disasters in Africa.  They met again in UK and in the south of France.

A compelling story

We think we have a compelling story of real needs.

The seed was sown with a slow response to a big disaster in Mozambique in 2000.

It was confirmed by the UN that the problem is getting worse

Also the UK government thinks we need a better system for disaster relief helicopters.

And we proved that we could do this in 2007 when we responded to Cyclone Favia in Mozambique.

Luviair – a breeze under our young wings

As a result, Luviair funded Wings Like Eagles’  first website and introduced us to Roger Day.  Roger built that site. He wrote an on-line brochure for us. His work is hugely appreciated.

Less obviously, Nigel helped train Adrian in civil aviation after his naval experience.  And the Board of Luviair continues to help Wings grow.  They helped Wings grow through the long fight out of the global recession.  This help allows us to anticipate disasters. It helps us to build financial reserves so that we can respond quickly.  It is a steady breeze that has helped to lift us up.

We think this is great confirmation.  And it happened in parallel with our other big donor coming onboard, Ken Wills.

Supporting Wings’ aim 

This is all with one aim: to deliver a rapid response disaster relief capability to help the people of southern Africa.

As Luviair procures and operates helicopters world wide.  Like we want to do.  They fly in demanding circumstance.  Why not see what we do?

They are a very good fit for us.  So much so, they have stuck with us for over 12 years!  Thank you Luviair!

They have helped us respond to disasters for over a decade.  We are so grateful.

Or, better still, why not copy them and help us – donate now!  Like them!  Be a long term supporter!