WLE Logistics Southern Africa is founded! Posted March 16, 2012 by Adrian Nance


We have a company! Great!

It has taken 9 months of waiting. But now we have a legal presence in South Africa. It is WLE Logistics Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.  Now its directors can now import the helicopter. Now they can get the aircraft registered. What’s more – now we can make it safe and airworthy for flying.

This is all part of getting ready for disaster relief work in South Africa.

WLE Logistics

Our South African partners Debbie Brand and John Brand, have been great. They are the fellow directors to Adrian Nance. Thanks to them and our advisors WLE Logistics Southern Africa is now registered. It’s their patient work that as taken it through the legal hoops.

Next steps?

We are now starting the next phases:

that means we will import the helicopter

and we will get it safe and airworthy

Then we will able to operate it not-for-profit..

Thank you for all your patient support and prayers! We really appreciate you working with us.

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We promise we wont ask you to

do the Great South Run,

or cycle to the North Cape

or to climb Kilimanjaro.

But you can if you want!!